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What Our Listeners Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our listeners have to say.

“Your show is like watching fireworks in the sky… like little bursts of inspiration & happiness & beauty”  ~ Kathie Thaw

“Excellent show!! Very entertaining, inspiring and many useful tools so any of us can start working with the law of attraction right now.”  ~ Carina Rubin

“The anxiety that once was my constant companion is now becoming a stranger”  ~  Jeffrey Grabowski

“Thank you so much for helping me gain a sense of inner peace that I lacked before”  ~ Athanasia Sawicz

“I feel so connected in my worth as a person, and a women right now. You are a great coach Nada!”  ~  Sarah Vermelhudo

“I know Linda will crank up my tone level a few big notches and I’ll come away from the call beaming”  ~  Daryl Armstrong

“I have personally worked with Nada, and highly recommend her coaching services! She is so much fun!”  ~  Robyn Holly

Nada has the caring presence of a dear friend and the knowledge of a great spiritual teacher” ~ Dina Prioste

“You have guided and inspired me at a cellular level to believe in myslef and to trust my intuition”  ~  Alena Ednomdson

“Working with you Linda has shown me how much power I have”  ~  Debby Werner

  • Kathie Thaw
  • Carina Rubin
  • Jeffrey Grabowski
  • Athanasia Sawicz
  • Sarah Vermelhudo
  • Daryl Armstrong
  • Robyn Holly
  • Dina Prioste
  • Alena Edmondson
  • Debby Werner

Meet the Hosts

Your Hosts Linda and Nada are both Certified Law of Attraction Coaches and “Energy Junkies". They have had many successes applying Law of Attraction in thier lives as well as guiding thier Clients to do the same. Join with them on the air to get your LOA questions answered. They will also talk about Meditation and other things that you can utilize to create your Desired Life. And to top it off Carina Rubin also an “Energy Junkie” joins in each week to offer the weekly Tarot Reading. They would love for you to join in on the FUN!

Linda Armstrong, LOACC, RMT

Linda Armstrong, LOACC, RMT

LOA Coach, Reiki Master

  • LOA Coaching 100%
  • Energy Coach 100%
  • Reiki Master 100%
  • Guided Meditation 100%
  • Future Visioning 100%
Nada Haworth, LOACC

Nada Haworth, LOACC

Law of Attraction Coach

  • LOA Coaching 100%
  • Guided Meditation 100%
  • Future Visioning 100%
Carina Rubin

Carina Rubin

Tarot Therapist

  • Tarot Therapy 100%
  • Angel Card Reader 100%
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